Technology 03 Assessment

For this assessment I had to complete 4 parts. For part 1 we had to design a photoword using photos taken of letters found naturally in architecture etc. I wasn’t allowed to pose anything or take any obvious letters. Here is what I came up with



The next thing that we had to do was use the “type on a path” tool in illustrator and relate our type to a speech or nursery rhyme which we had to type around a shape that we created that represented the speech or nursery rhyme. I chose a dog and found a selection of text called “Eulogy for a dog” which I used to create the following image


The next section was a lot harder and involved us creating a magazine of a series of tutorials on tools from the Adobe suite. This magazine had to be turned into an interactive pdf and here is what I came up with

Adobe Plus S

I then had to create a photobook describing how images that we took were affected by different treatements in Photoshop and how it affected their metadata. Here is my photobook













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