Prepress LA04

For this I had to design a car ad. I was given the images, the text, the logo etc. and had to use them all in the document. I had to clip out the cars first and then create artwork in illustrator to go with it all. I am really happy with this one and enjoyed doing it and learned a lot in the process. Here is my ad



Prepress LA03

For this task we had to use our own images, reword a series of tutorials of our choice (we needed 5) and create a mini booklet in indesign with more than 2 columns detailing aspects of photography. Here is what I created


I then had to create an 8 page imposition in Photoshop to turn my document into a mini booklet. An imposition is when you arrange a series of pages in a certain way so that they can be turned into a booklet and all of the pages line up, are in order and are the right way up. Here are my results

Part B 1S Part B 2S


Technology 03 Assessment

For this assessment I had to complete 4 parts. For part 1 we had to design a photoword using photos taken of letters found naturally in architecture etc. I wasn’t allowed to pose anything or take any obvious letters. Here is what I came up with



The next thing that we had to do was use the “type on a path” tool in illustrator and relate our type to a speech or nursery rhyme which we had to type around a shape that we created that represented the speech or nursery rhyme. I chose a dog and found a selection of text called “Eulogy for a dog” which I used to create the following image


The next section was a lot harder and involved us creating a magazine of a series of tutorials on tools from the Adobe suite. This magazine had to be turned into an interactive pdf and here is what I came up with

Adobe Plus S

I then had to create a photobook describing how images that we took were affected by different treatements in Photoshop and how it affected their metadata. Here is my photobook












Sustainability assignments

I am going to enclose all of my sustainability assignments in one post as most of this unit was research, questions and answers. The following documents contain my findings on the issues addressed. Two of the documents are posters that I designed as part of the tasks and they can be seen below their relevant task

LA 01 Australian Paper Video S

LA 02 Sustainability S

LA 03 Marketing S

Poster S

LA 04 Regulators S

LA 05 Information S

LA 06 Resource Audit S

LA 07 Stakeholders S

LA 08 Checklist S

LA 09 Water-poster S

LA 09 Water-PosterS

LA 10 Triple Bottom Line S

La 11 Monitor targets S