My Story in a scan

For this task I was asked to create my story on a flatbed scanner. The items that I chose to use reflect the essence of “me” and are as follows…

1. An old Hofner guitar catalogue that I was given by my father who was in a band in Liverpool (my home city) at the same time as the Beatles. Ringo star was a good friend of both of my parents and attended their 21st birthdays

2. An instructional cassette that I used to learn how to play songs that I liked prior to the introduction of the internet and the Youtube generation

3. My British passport I used to travel extensively through Europe and around the world several times to Australia until I moved here in 1999

4. I love beer and my taste is reflected in these bottle caps

5. An old style antique bottle opener give to me by a friends mum

6. M&M’s (who doesn’t like them?!)

7. One of the promotional pens that I had designed for promoting my guitar teaching business that I handed out to students

8. My E.B. games card. My adult kids and my mum bought me a playstation 3 for my birthday this year. I might only be level 1 at E.B. Games at the moment but I am certainly working on upgrading 😉

9. I got myself a canon camera last year to make the most of our course last year and this is it’s memory card

Here is my scan



One thought on “My Story in a scan

  1. This is wonderful Steve. Very well thought out.

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