New Course for a New Year

Certificate III Graphic Pre-Press

My name is Steve. I am a keen photographer and musician. I am a qualified Landscape Designer and Horticulturalist and last year completed Certificate III in Media (The other portion of this blog). All of the courses that I have been studying are part of a direction that I have chosen to follow that may end up with me starting a business. Only time will tell.

I am a member of a group of photographers online called “Visionary” in which I enter a lot of competitions and exchange hints and tips with other photographers. This is one of my favourite websites at the moment. I like to check Facebook regularly to ensure I keep up to date with family and friends interstate and overseas. I don’t use the internet very often unless I need to research something or something that interests me. You will see a continual stream of blog posts on this page as we progress through the year.

I look forwards to learning as much as I can about Graphic Pre-Press and sharing with you all.

Please note I have decided to hijack this section of the blog because after attempting to create a new page I realised that every new post would just get tacked onto the end of the last post thereby making it too difficult to link to or isolate individual posts

Here are 5 things that influence me .

1: I decided to use Steve Vai as my most influential designer. I own and play predominately Ibanez guitars and Steve Vai designed the concept for my most prized guitar, an Ibanez Jem. This image shows his DNA guitar that he designed to utilise some of his own DNA in the paintwork. There are only 300 in existence. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money to buy the sole example I had ever seen in a music shop in Western Australia (mint condition) back in 1998 for $10 000. I still don’t but it would be worth a WHOLE lot more now.

Steve Vai and his original DNA Ibanez Jem

2.  As part of my Cert III in Media course that I completed last year I had to create a rotoscope of myself doing “something”. I am a guitarist so I got Fran to shoot a video of me playing Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix who has been a huge influence on me. The rotoscope only goes for about 10 seconds (the required length of time for the task) but it took me 3 solid weeks to rotoscope. It is a very intensive way to make a creative statement.

3. When I lived in the U.K. I studied classical guitar for several years in order for me to start my own teaching business. This is one of the pieces that I learned


4. The biggest influence in my life and the reason that I moved to Australia is Fran. My dogs, Bezial and Earl are a huge part of who we are.

Fran Bezial and Earl

5. I joined this online photography site where I can share images and enter competitions for fun with a worldwide community of photographers. Some of them are professionals and it is reflected in their work, but most of us are there to learn and to experiment and share hints, tips and techniques with each other

Here is a list of the blogs created by other students in my class. It isn’t a complete list because some of my class members haven’t submitted their blogs yet














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