Hero Shots for Web Pages

For this assessment task we had to take some original photographs (wherever possible) to be used as hero shots in some predesigned wire frame web page templates. We had to match colours and fonts to the existing text whilst bearing in mind the overall look and feel of the site and the image. Here are my 5 hero shot web sites

1.   Real Estate


I attempted to match the text colour to the pre-existing text colour in the web site. I went with a font that was as close to the existing feel on the template. I cropped my image to suit the requirements of the site and I used the clone and heal tools to take a white line out of the road that was distracting from the image.

2.   Golf Course


I really like the way that this looks apart from the roses in the image. I tried to use an elegant font to give the image a classy upmarket feel. The colour of the text was matched to the green

3.   Tourism


This is a photograph taken of the path leading to Liffey Falls. I matched the yellow used at the top of the page and I used a black stroke to make the text very visible.

4.   Chocolate Retailer


As we live a fair way away from the city we were unable to find a chocolate shop and used images taken from morgue File Free Photos at http://www.morguefile.com/archive . I attempted to colour match the text to the predominate colours in the site and I used an elegant font to highlight the luxurious nature of Belgian chocolate

5.   Local Council


There was a telephone pole where I wanted to put the text in this image so I used the heal and clone tool to remove the pole from the skyline and the building allowing me to have enough space to place the text needed. I colour matched the text to the website header and used a drop shadow to highlight it.

After some tweaking here are some new shots of two of the above images. The Launceston Council building needed a bit of an overhaul. I changed the image completely and decided to use the iconic, and instantly recognisable building in Launceston City Centre and I played with the text a little to minimise tension and a bit of cramping. Here is my new submission


The final re-do is the image of the real estate agents. I decided that the original shot wasn’t opulent enough and after some research on real estate websites, I got the feeling that there is some merit in going with an exclusive “feature” house to attract the buyer. As the catch phrase was “I can’t wait to get home…” I wanted to reflect this in the image. Who wouldn’t want to race home and spend every waking hour in this house? I know “I” certainly would! Here is my new selection with slightly darker text…


I’m back lol … ok so here we are again with a nifty little fix that my lecturer just sent me, I added a new layer, I grouped the text and the layer together, played with the opacity and some blending options on the text and I also added a gradient to the banner box because I thought it looked nice. Cheers for that tutorial by the way, it’s a great text effect that I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing but it works. Here is my new image…


Guess who … yeah its me again lol here’s another go of this ,this ones my fault as I missed the drop shadow on one of my text lines and  I have now lined up the texts so they are a lot more uniform  hope that you guys out there are getting a good  idea of the changes that are taking place , some are subtle and some are a little more obvious . Without further ado here it is 😉


I have tried to mirror the Launceston logo ( top left corner) here with the Launceston city council text  so it appears in a lined up box form I think its pretty close to theres. I like mine better lol

Ok off to drink 🙂


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