Populating a web page wireframe

This is part 1 of our photo shop  assessment and for this we have to populate a template with images and text . We have to try and keep in my  principles of design whilst using our images and text . Here’s my idea for a web page.


I don’t think it came out to bad and I like the colour scheme between the text and the background.

There was a bit of a problem with the colour of the Font in the Header/Hero Shot clashing and competing with the detail of the guitar inlay. I decided to match the colour of the inlay and use a thin stroke around the outside which I think works well and takes away that competition for the space. I also changed the image of the hairy hippy in the top right hand 4 larger thumbnails. He was just too amazing and outshone the rest of the images with his stunning resemblance to Jimi Hendrix ;). I used another image of “old faithful” to remove the distraction…



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