Learning Task 11 Shooting motion and adding metadata

For this learning task we were asked to photograph motion and to add metadata to one of our chosen three images. Here are my images



This photograph was taken on the Kayena stage of Targa Tasmania 2013. I really like the way that the front of the car is slightly blurred whilst the back is crisp and clear giving a good idea how fast the car was travelling at the time of the shot. I used a Fuji S5700 on A.P. mode. I focussed on the car as it came up the road and followed the car as it passed where I was standing and took the shot when I felt that the car was in the best position for the best shot.


Bridge Lights

This image was taken just on dusk on the Batman Bridge. This image involves me attempting to take a motion blur shot of a truck and some cars as they travel across the bridge. I used my tripod and my  Canon EOS 11ooD camera to take this image. I used a long shutter speed (15 seconds) to get the maximum blur from the lights, not that many cars use this bridge at the best of times


Slow Water

This image was taken at Punchbowl Reserve in Launceston. I was amazing lucky to get this shot because at the time, I didn’t have my tripod with me. This is shot number 10 of 10 taken. I chose this image to use for my metadata image. As you can see by the picture, the movement is in the water. I used my Canon for this shot and the resulting soft floury appearance of the water gives a very romantic feel to this image.


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