Learning Task 9: Web image formats

For this assignment I had to create a photoshop using 10 images and layer combined. I then had to choose the best format to save them in .

I saved the picture as a GIF a JPEG and a PNG. I chose the web saved as 50 jpeg as it offered the best file size out of the 3 and the overall best quality for its size . The png was a very good file but was 1.93mb over the jpeg at 233kb and the gif lost quality and had a size of 928kb.

I have tried to give unity in my images through sizes and colours, I have tried to give a flow and  lead the eye from the top left corner to the bottom right by using a darker top left through to a final lighter image .

I have included my initial sketch based on a 8×4 grid and I have also included an image with the same grid overlayed to show the final effect.



The image saved as a JPEG


The image with the grid overlay


here’s the redone image as the centre pictures slight misalignment was leading the eye and causing a distraction. I also resized the the 2 far left images just to give a little more harmony



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