Learning Task 9: Web image formats

For this assignment we had to create web backgrounds  and find some web pages we liked . here are the ones I liked firstly .


This appeals to my musical background 🙂


How could this webpage not grab you . its a very dominant page with deep colours and a lot of interest.


A very bright eye catching site that is also a good learning site. This site has a good use of colours

Now here are the backgrounds that I made . The first one is from the scan I did earlier in the course and I have used a gradient on it so that the page can take over from the bottom of the image.


Not to bad an effect on this and I could use it fairly easily I think.

This is my web background which is only one pixel deep and it is then repeated over the page .

Back 2

I was going to post the one pixel high starting image for this but word press doesn’t seem to let me


That tiny line above  is the original that I managed to post here but cant actually see  when I make the post lol.

Learning Activity 10 part 4

Tiled background from one image

One thing that needs to be considered when creating a tiled image is obvious repetition. As you can see from my image above there is a degree of repetition to the image. This can be greatly minimised by using a larger image to create the tile. I had to use some cloning and healing brush techniques to deal with the areas where the repeated pattern was most obvious. If I was attempting to create a tiled background, I wouldn’t use a very complex image as the amount of work to make it appear natural would be in the extreme and not worth the time spent in my opinion.


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