Learning Task 8: Image Compression Experiment

For this exercise we had to compare file sizes with a relatively busy image compared to a plain image. I took several photos to arrive at the following



The file size of the original for this image was 2.93MB. There is a lot going on in this image including the comparison between the boat and the plants, the shadows and the light



There is a lot less going on in this image which is reflected in it’s original size of 2.54MB, 390KB less than the initial image

If a small file size is needed then the less detail in the image the better. Therefore, if your client requires smaller files, ensure your images are interesting with the minimum detail required for a quality shot.

the question asked was as follows..

Assuming you were given a brief such as taking a product shot of a modern ” city car ” (see right) that had to go into a web advertisement and you needed to ensure file sizes were small, describe a suitable and a not-so-suitable background you might use.

And this is my answer to the question

A suitable background for a web based car advert would be something along the lines of a car against a backdrop of a beach or desert or somewhere stark with very few features. A completely unsuitable background to minimise file size would be a car set amongst a central city scape with lots of brightly coloured shops and people milling around. The former has a lot less to distract the eye from the central purpose (the car) at the same time as minimising the size of the image file.


One thought on “Learning Task 8: Image Compression Experiment

  1. If you could find a way of blurring the busy background of a city shot whilst keeping the car in crisp focus, it would look quite extraordinary Steve. The colours wouldn’t distract if they were a blurred background.

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