Learning Task 6: Making Selections and Combining Images

Time to have some fun in Photoshop! For this assessment, we had to extract a selection from an image and put the selection into another image. The image we were given was an old yellow Datsun car. The view of the car was obscured by a post and some cars in the background and we had to make the car appear complete and I had to rebuild the cars wheels. I did this process by using layers, warp tools and a selection of paint tools. I also added a shadow under the car. I placed my car on an image that I got from news.com.au of an aircraft carrier.

Here’s the original image


To get a clear image of the Datsun I removed the pole and chain. The wheels had to be rebuilt and I had to take some of the shadows of the car behind the Datsun out.

Here’s the original image of the aircraft carrier before the car was added


Here’s the above image with my car dropped in and a shadow added. I used the stealth bombers shadow to work out which direction to put the cars shadow and how thick to make it


This activity was fun. I think if you were willing to put a lot of time into this, you could almost make these images seamless. If I had my Wacom drawing tablet when I did this, it would have made the task a lot easier.

Heres my next go at this with the windows losing even more of the background and I had also left the wing mirror shadow in it in the first one .



Ok I had to do it , here is the new stealth Datsun ready to take to the sky’s 🙂 This isn’t really part of my assignment I just thought it looked pretty good with the fighter.


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