Learning activity 3

Heres a collection of things that represent the journey of Steve , each article has a importance in the evolution of me. I have tried to use flow and hierarchy where possible.



Photoshop Activity 1

heres car 1 at the original size it was 2.57mb and after saving for the web it is now 1.00mb its width in pixels is 3072 and its height is 2304

its inserted into this post at the largest size


heres the same image at  800x 600 and after saving the original 512kb  at 60 quality for the web the size became 120kb


From what I can see the size in the blog is not affected at first glance, however the option to zoom is available on the first image due to the size. There is a visible difference  in the  first full size picture which is a little clearer and the second one is a little less sharp and crisp. The problem is that the first image makes the blog take a lot longer to load and will swallow the bandwidth limit very quickly.

I would use the smaller image as web users don’t want to wait for ages for a picture to load and the amount of quality lost doesn’t warrant the size difference.

Assessment Poster Design

Here is my rough draft for my poster design


Here is my finished poster including my chosen logo after critiques



Here’s my new poster after some feedback. I have changed the fonts to create more unity between them. The picture in the original was creating tension due to the spoons  being so close to the dark edge, I tried other ways of showing the spoons but the best outcome was the darker backed image. The bottom right free entry was made a little bigger as it was a little hard to read in the original.