Learning Activity 8 Gridlines

Here Are my first two Magazine based examples of gridlines. I used AutoCad to ensure that my lines were evenly spaced…


Learning Activity 8S2


Learning Activity 8S1

Here are my second two non-magazine examples

1. The first example I chose was the Australian Flag. This has been sectioned into simple gridlines and if you were to break it down into more gridlines the positioning of each star would fall on a gridline

Learning Activity8S3

2. For my second example I chose the Lloyd’s building of London. I like the way that the rest of the skyline reflects the architectural gridlines of the building

Learning Activity8S4

I chose the following two examples because they don’t appear to have a recognisable set of gridlines…



As with most of his music, Mr Zapper appears to lack structure

Somewhere over the rainbow

A very interesting way to illustrate music and typography at the same time and I have NO idea where you would start to put a series of gridlines on this poster


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