Learning Activity 14

As part of my course I have been asked to design a poster around a proverb or saying. I chose the following…

“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow” Swedish Proverb.

Here is what I came up with…

Swedish ProverbFAV

I used the font “Chiller” for the word “Worry” to give it intensity. I also added a shaddow to give it weight and make it more threatening. The poster has a feeling of being unbalanced and of falling. I made the word “Small” small to emphasise the meaning of the word. The word “Thing” has a big shadow applied to it as a play on words and the word “Big” is larger and I made it the same colour as the word “Worry” to give my poster some balance and to group these words together in intensity. The final word “Shadow” has been given a small shadow to give the poster balance and I used the “Chiller” font to balance the shape of the poster and the Text.

I think that this next version gives a lot more weight to the important words and the word “Worry” appears to be agitated giving it more presence.

Swedish Proverbredo


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