Learning Activity 6

For this exercise I chose the following pictures to indicate the use of white space. In most of my pictures it is a very obvious and easy to spot use of white space.

1. Print Publishing/ Magazines and Newspapers


The white space in this advertisment is the area outside the can and behind the text. It is literally “white” in this shot and acts to direct your gaze to the illustration and the text

2. Street Advertising/ Billboards and Shop Frontage


The white space in this Honda shopfront is the white background behind the red negative space surrounding the Honda lettering. On the smaller Kawasaki sign below, the white space is the entire background behind the logo, the text and the greyscale line below the text

3. Billboard


The white space in this billboard is literally the obvious “white” componant of the sign. The text is highlighted along with the logo by the amount of white background complemented by the use of red horizontal and vertical lines (including the frame)

4. Website


Above is a screen shot from http://fx.worth1000.com/ . The use of white space accentuates all of the menu elements along with the tutorial pictures making it easy on the eye and very easy to navigate

5. Broadcast Television Advertisment


Obviously the Coles Group can afford this amount of white space to completely focus the viewers attention on the Target Logo. Technically, this brand is so well known they don’t really need the text and pretty much anyone would know who this advertisment was for


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