Learning Activity 6

For this exercise I chose the following pictures to indicate the use of white space. In most of my pictures it is a very obvious and easy to spot use of white space.

1. Print Publishing/ Magazines and Newspapers


The white space in this advertisment is the area outside the can and behind the text. It is literally “white” in this shot and acts to direct your gaze to the illustration and the text

2. Street Advertising/ Billboards and Shop Frontage


The white space in this Honda shopfront is the white background behind the red negative space surrounding the Honda lettering. On the smaller Kawasaki sign below, the white space is the entire background behind the logo, the text and the greyscale line below the text

3. Billboard


The white space in this billboard is literally the obvious “white” componant of the sign. The text is highlighted along with the logo by the amount of white background complemented by the use of red horizontal and vertical lines (including the frame)

4. Website


Above is a screen shot from http://fx.worth1000.com/ . The use of white space accentuates all of the menu elements along with the tutorial pictures making it easy on the eye and very easy to navigate

5. Broadcast Television Advertisment


Obviously the Coles Group can afford this amount of white space to completely focus the viewers attention on the Target Logo. Technically, this brand is so well known they don’t really need the text and pretty much anyone would know who this advertisment was for


Learning Activity 5

I chose the following images to show the use of negative space in the following categories:

1.    Magazine, comic or newspaper


I chose to use this comic. I obtained the image from http://blurbhack.com/reviews/review.php?recordID=63&type=comic&code=maus and the negative space is represented by the stark use of red to highlight the image and the text

2.    Web


This is a screen shot of my personal blog. The large area of blue represents negative space that highlights the central text and images

3.    Architecture

Negative space architecture MorgueFile free

I obtained this image from http://www.morguefile.com/archive . It illustrates that the sky can create negative space as the buildings are in stark contrast to the sky

4.    Natural Environment


This is a photograph that I took of a native black cockatoo on our property. The bird is highlighted by the sky (negative space) in the background

5.    Street Signage

streetsign negative space MorgueFile

This is another photograph downloaded from the free image site http://www.morguefile.com/archive. The grey areas around the bright yellow double lines act as negative space

6.    Vehicle Signage


Although technically “white space” the Mercedes logo would be in stark relief against any colour background that would act as negative space and the B.M.W. logo comes complete with it’s own negative space (the area of black that highlights the lettering). I found these logo’s here http://www.bmwblog.com/2012/08/06/july-2012-mercedes-luxury-u-s-sales-lead-on-bmw-narrows/

7.    Film


I found this image here http://www.psdgraphics.com/psd/old-film-roll-icon-psd/ and the white background to the yellow, black and white image acts as negative space to enhance the graphic

8.    Broadcast


This image is instantly recognisable and the black negative space is part of the reason why. It accentuates the white lettering and implied footlights. I got this image from here http://www.marketingshift.com/companies/entertainment/fox-broadcasting.cfm

9.    Automotive Design


Black on black…where the upper quadrant of the photo illustrates a very classy use of negative space to make me want to go out and buy this car RIGHT NOW! 😉 I got this image from here http://bmw-honda-picture.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/best-car-wallpaper.html

10.  Human Anatomy

Humananatomy MorgueFile negative space

In this photograph that I sourced from http://www.morguefile.com/archive there is a stark black background acting as negative space which is accented by the far left hand side of the guitar fretboard which is also very dark acting to highlight the guitarists fingers and the guitar strings

Learning Activity 4

I used photoshop to create these images for this Activity. I include 2 detailed images to better explain tension points because they are not entirely visible in the original due to the scale


Learning Task 4 tension added

Here is the full learning activity

c2 tension

Here is an enlargement of the first image I chose to show Tension points (Congestion 2)

c3 tension

Here is the second image illustrating Tension points (Congestion 3)